Emergency Closing

In the event of emergency conditions such as severe weather, natural disaster, major utility failures or other circumstances, the University may order an Emergency Closing for all or part of the Ann Arbor campus, the Flint campus or the Dearborn campus. In such cases, some or all non-critical service areas will be closed. However, the University will continue to provide critical services basic to health care, safety and daily sustenance (such as: hospital and other medical care, research, public safety, transportation, food preparation and distribution, housing, and building and road maintenance services). Staff members in these critical service areas, and staff in all other units that remain open, are expected to make every reasonable effort to report to work.

Time lost from the regular work schedule during an Emergency Closing of the staff member's area will be without loss of regular compensation for regular and probationary staff. Staff who are required or approved and do report to work while an Emergency Closing is in effect for their part of campus will, in addition to their regular compensation, have added to their vacation accrual an amount of time equal to the hours actually worked. Staff members who work beyond their regular schedule will be paid in accordance with the University's overtime policy. (SPG 201.27)