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Retention Toolkit:  Resources for Retaining Valued Staff

Welcome to the Retention Toolkit, a step-by-step process designed to help you keep your most valuable staff.

The Retention Toolkit provides a web-based framework designed to help managers and supervisors keep valued staff members engaged and committed to continuing their careers at the University of Michigan. The site provides assessment tools, discussion guides and planning aids to help identify and proactively address retention issues and conduct a structured dialogue for exploring staff members’ career expectations. It also includes resources to help staff members inventory their career aspirations and focus their development efforts.

"Retaining and attracting high-performance talent is a top priority for sustaining excellence."  Laurita Thomas, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Watch the Video: Building on Relationships with the Retention Interview Process

retention video





Here's How It Works:

1.  Understand retention risks and how to minimize them. 2.  Identify staff who may represent a retention risk. 3.  Prepare for and conduct retention interviews. 4.  Develop an action plan for job satisfaction and growth. ""