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UHR Procedures: Health and Welfare Plans Enrollment and Changes

APPLIES TO: All Benefit Eligible Job Families

ISSUED BY (DEPT): University Human Resources

SPG NUMBER: 203.02

DATE: 11/3/2006

Procedure A: Enrollment procedures for a newly hired or newly benefit eligible employee enrolling in health and welfare plans

Benefits Office

Enrollment materials are mailed to newly hired benefit eligible employee at his/her home address.


Can listen to an audio presentation on the benefits packages. This is the same benefits information presented at the weekly new employee orientation sessions.


Upon receipt of the enrollment packet, the new hire may begin the process of enrolling in benefits plans using eBenefits, as described in the Enrollment section of the Benefits Office website.

Enrollment forms the newly hired employee needs for the Retirement Savings Plan, Flexible Spending Account elections, and Life Insurance Health Statements are available online from the Forms page or call the HR/Payroll Service Center at 615.2000 or toll free 1.800.647.7657.

The new hire has 30 days to choose their benefits or as specified by their bargaining agreement.

For step-by-step instructions, see the Benefits Enrollment Checklist and How to use eBenefits on the Benefits Office website.


If the employee makes no benefits elections within the deadline, the newly hired employee will not be enrolled and will not have insurance coverage unless specified otherwise by their bargaining agreement. See Failure to Enroll

No changes can be made to their elections during the year - even within the initial enrollment period - unless the employee has a qualified mid-year status change .

Benefits Transaction Team (BTT)

Once the new hire submits their enrollment elections, their choices will be recorded as their benefits elections until the next Open Enrollment period.


Flexible Spending Accounts

To enroll in a Health Care and/or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account , complete this form and return it to the HRRIS Benefits Transaction Team.

Group Life Insurance

Enrollment in the University Plan is automatic.

Enrollment in the Optional Plan and Dependent Life plan is not automatic. You must enroll in these plans in order to participate.

View the Optional and Dependent LIfe Insurance Plan sections for information on enrolling in these plans.

A newly hired employee has 30 days to enroll in the Optional life plan or as specified by their bargaining agreement. If enrolled within the deadline, the new hire will not be required to provide evidence of insurability (a health statement) as long as Optional coverage is less than $500,000. Evidence of insurability is not required for Dependent Child Life Insurance.

Travel Accident Insurance

The University pays the full premium and you do not have to enroll in this coverage. For details, refer to the new hire handbook or travel accident information on the Benefits Office website.

Benefits Transaction Team (BTT) Receives completed forms and processes employee elections in HR system generating a confirmation statement.
Benefit Office

Mail confirmation statement to the employee home address on record


Receives the personalized Confirmation Statement

Employee reviews it using the Confirmation Statement instructions.

Procedure B: Enrollment Procedures for an employee who has a qualified mid-year status change


Eligible Change in Status Events

Eligible changes in job status and changes in family status are defined by Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code, based on individual circumstances and plan eligibility.

For a listing of eligible status changes for University of Michigan plans , see the Benefits Office website.

If the employee has a qualifying family status change, s/he must complete a Benefits Enrollment/Change Form and submit it to the HRRIS Benefits Transaction Team within 30 days after the qualifying event for the change to be accepted by the University.

Coverage changes are effective as of the event date.

To minimize the impact of retroactive deductions, we recommended that the employee report benefit changes as soon as possible.

If the request to change coverage(s) is made greater than 30 days of the change in status event, the employee must wait until the next Open Enrollment Period to make a change to their coverage(s). The Benefits Enrollment/ Change Form is available online from the Forms page or call the HR/Payroll Service Center at 615.2000 or toll free 1.800.647.7657.


Return the completed Benefits Enrollment/ Change Form within 30 days after the qualifying event for processing to the HRRIS Benefits Transaction Team:

HRRIS Benefits Transaction Team
4005 Wolverine Tower
3003 S.State Street
Ann Arbor , MI 48109-1281

Or by fax to 734.763.0363
BTT and Payroll

Any changes in the deduction amount due to a change in benefits enrollments resulting from a status change will be deducted from the employee's paycheck.

Deductions are retroactive to the event date if the event date is the first of the month. If the event date is after the first of the month, deductions begin on the first full pay period after the event date.

Procedure C: Enrollment Procedures for annual open enrollment

Benefits Office

Open Enrollment is an annual event (usually in October) during which employees can newly enroll in benefits, change current benefits, or change covered dependents for the upcoming year, effective January 1.

Benefits Office

Benefits Not Affected by Open Enrollment

Eligible employees may enroll in the Retirement Plan, the Long-Term Disability Plan, Long-Term Care, or the Life Insurance Plans at any time.

Long-Term Disability, Life Insurance and Long-Term Care enrollments require a health statement. Call the HR/Payroll Service Center, or view the Benefits Office website for information.


Complete information on the plans and any changes will be mailed to you before Open Enrollment begins.