Congratulations to the Individual and Team Award Winners and Finalists of the 2015 President’s Staff Innovation Award!



Ashley Harris
, research laboratory specialist intermediate in the Translational Oncology Program has been selected as the individual winner of the 2015 President’s Staff Innovation Award. Harris’ innovation, the One Day Closer initiative, is a community outreach effort on behalf of the Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Translational Oncology Program that offers insights into cancer research and serves as an opportunity to enhance community and academic partnership, awareness and pride. The idea behind One Day Closer was for researchers to donate a Saturday to come to work, for companies to donate supplies to support that work, and to engage the public in this special day of research to see firsthand the important research done at U-M that each day moves scientists one day closer to a cure. Harris’ proposal culminated in the first One Day Closer event on June 7, 2014 and a second event, expanded to include science, technology, engineering and math groups from across the university and the local region, on May 9, 2015.


The U-M Crowdfunding Taskforce
was selected for the team award for Giving Blueday, the university’s first large-scale crowdfunding effort involving schools, colleges, units and student organizations across all three U-M campuses , which took place over a 24-hour period from midnight to 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, December 2, 2014. New systems, communications platforms and creative approaches were key components of the plan for Giving Blueday, which exceeded its fundraising goal by 225 percent, yielded the greatest number of first-time donors of any prior annual giving appeal and exceeded its goal of creating more than 1,000,000 campaign impressions by over 2000 percent through innovative use of social media and peer-to-peer sharing. Members of the taskforce include Adam Dunn, David Morris, Denise Cope, Emily Mathews, Helen Harding, Hunter Greenfield, Janice M. Glander, Jillene Kristy Verdier, Karen Scimeca, Katy Wallander, Kelly Lee Roan, Laura Arendsen Rowe, Linda Douglas, Lora K. Newmeyer, Matthew J. Adams, Matthew Rizner, Melissa Cox, Peggy Powers, Regis Vogel and Susan St. Charles.

Individual Award Finalists
Andrei Duma
Alex Fichter
Renju Jacob
Jeffrey Micale

Team Finalists
Lauren Ranalli, Margaret Riley, Jennifer Lane and Vani Patterson for the Adolescent Health Initiative
Daniel Eisenberg, Trish Meyer, William Heininger and Barbara Hansen for the Athletes Connected Initiative

Previous winners of the President's Staff Innovation Award