Prohibited Forms of Discrimination & Harassment

  1. Sexual Harassment

  2. Gender Discrimination

  3. Race, Color, National Origin and Ancestry Discrimination

  4. Disability Discrimination

  5. Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

  6. Discrimination Based on Gender Identity and Gender Expression

  7. Age Discrimination

  8. Religious Discrimination

  9. Discrimination Based on Veteran Status

  10. Discrimination Based on Height and Weight

  11. Discrimination Based on Marital Status

  12. Discrimination Based on Genetic Information

  13. More Information About Hostile Environment

  14. What Should You do if You Feel That You Have Been Subjected to Discrimination or Harassment?

  15. Hate Crimes and Bias-Related Incidents

  16. Retaliation

  17. Faculty-Student and Employee-Student Relationships

  18. University Policies

  19. Resources