MHealthy Tobacco Independence Program

The MHealthy Tobacco Independence Program (MTIP) provides support for U-M faculty, staff, and spouses or Other Qualified Adults who want to quit tobacco. The program offers free counseling focused on the most successful methods to end tobacco addiction. Online, telephonic, and in-person programs are available.

MTIP is part of the Smoke-Free Campus Initiative that ensures all campuses of the University of Michigan will be smoke-free by July 2011.

NEW! $5 per month co-pay for OTC tobacco treatment products

MTIP now includes coverage for generic over-the-counter (OTC) tobacco treatment products with a $5 co-pay per one-month supply. Covered products include the generic nicotine patch, generic nicotine gum, and generic nicotine lozenge. Brand-name OTC nicotine replacement products are not covered. Generic OTC product coverage is for up to a 180-day supply every 12 months.

To be eligible for the $5 per month co-pay, employees or dependents covered under a U-M health insurance plan must sign up for MTIP and present one of the following to a retail pharmacy that participates in the U-M Prescription Drug Plan:

  • An authorization letter from an MTIP tobacco treatment specialist, OR
  • A doctor's prescription

Note: Beginning in 2011, new federal guidelines will require a doctor's prescription for OTC products in order to claim reimbursement for the $5 co-pay through a Flexible Spending Account.

How to participate in MTIP

  1. Choose a tobacco treatment program.
    MTIP includes group and individual programs offered by MHealthy's Tobacco Consultation Service, the university's health insurance plans, and StayWell® Health Management.
  2. Call to get started.
    Sign up for MTIP by calling the Tobacco Consultation Service at (734) 998-2193. The MTIP Coordinator will fill out an intake form, help you get started with your program, and get you on the track to becoming smoke-free. The coordinator will also provide pharmacy forms that authorize the reduced-cost OTC products.

Earn incentives for completing the MTIP program!

Benefits-eligible faculty and staff who are tobacco users and want to quit will receive a $100 incentive (before taxes) once they complete an intake form by phone and one of the qualifying MTIP programs. Enrolled spouses and Other Qualified Adults (OQAs) of benefits-eligible employees can also complete the MTIP program to earn an additional $100 incentive for the employee. Combined, that's up to $200 (before taxes) extra in the employee's paycheck!

There are also additional incentives available to those who agree to random cotinine testing and follow up. To learn more, call the Tobacco Consultation Service at (734) 998-2193.