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Open to all U-M employees, free of charge.

The Benefits of Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Caring for Well-Being

People who have a greater levels of gratitude, forgiveness, and caring tend to have lower stress.They also sleep better and report more happiness. In this session we will explore the health benefits of these positive dimensions, and suggest practices and strategies to foster these in our lives. Participants will be encouraged to cultivate gratitude, practice caring, and embrace forgiveness. We will look for opportunities to broaden the capacity for stress relief. Presented by John R. Sonnega, PhD, Program Manager of the MHealthy Thrive! stress management program. Grand Prize Drawing Eligible

Understanding Anger

Anger is a powerful emotion. When used skillfully, it can strengthen relationships and provide clarity about what is important to us. When used unskillfully, it creates discord in relationships and creates a workplace culture that lacks a sense of safety. In this two-part series participants will learn about the positive benefits of anger and how to listen and understand their anger in a way that allows them to achieve results that maintain vital workplace and personal relationships. Facilitated by the professional staff of the UMHS Employee Assistance Program.Grand Prize Drawing Eligible

Building the 7 Habits of Happiness

How would your life look if you were happier and more content? Drawing on the new science of positive psychology, we suggest 7 innovative and practical strategies for moving beyond merely coping with stress to living a life filled with more joy and meaning. In addition, this class shows how to sustain the skills that enhance happiness and well-being over time. By cultivating our capacity for happiness – that most universal human yearning – we can discover a life that is full of goodness. Facilitated by the professional staff of the UMHS Employee Assistance Program. Grand Prize Drawing Eligible

Discovering Stress Reduction: Fostering Energy and Creating Coping

No single style of coping fits every situation. Come explore the possibilities of expanding your energy to deal with stress. We will define the term stress, identify stressors, and discuss coping strategies that can help you feel more energized, connected, and resilient. Facilitated by John R. Sonnega, PhD, of the MHealthy Thrive! stress management program.Grand Prize Drawing Eligible

Stress and Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? A good night’s rest is essential for feeling and performing your best each day. Most adults need 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Join us for this class to explore how stress affects your sleep, and how your sleep habits impact your stress. Learn healthy sleep habits that can help you feel more energized and more resilient so you can bounce back from the stressors of your daily life. Learn techniques to reduce and manage the effects of stress so you can sleep better at night. Two class times/locations to choose from. Facilitated by John R. Sonnega, PhD, of the MHealthy Thrive! stress management program.

Option 1Grand Prize Drawing Eligible

Option 2Grand Prize Drawing Eligible

Relaxing Under the Stars

We invite you to step out of your hectic daily life, shift your perspective, and lift your spirits with this visual journey through the natural wonders of our universe, including bright stars, constellations, planets, and more. Simply sit and relax a while in the dark cozy comfort of the Planetarium at our own U-M Natural History Museum, as we treat you to beautiful music, a bit of fascinating science, and breathtaking views. You'll return to your world renewed and refreshed.

Grief Support Group

Any significant life loss through the death of a loved one, divorce, separation, loss of your health, a job, or a pet causes grief for the person who experienced the loss. Each person’s loss is different and each person’s grief journey is unique, yet the process of grieving is similar regardless of what you have lost. The Grief Support Group provides a compassionate space where individuals can share their experiences and know they are understood.

Stress Less, Live More! (Department Level Program)

The Stress Less, Live More! program, by MHealthy Thrive!, will guide you through a variety of strategies that can help you manage your response to daily stressors, and allow you feel more energized, connected, and resilient. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for stress management. As you try our suggested activities each week, you will learn what works for you, what doesn’t, and you will experience how simple shifts can lead to big changes for you and those around you. You will use a printed Stress Less, Live More! Personal Journal each week to record and reflect on your journey. Try this program to start finding YOUR best way to stress less, and live more! Learn more about Stress Less, Live More!

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