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Open to all U-M employees, free of charge.

Addressing Compassion Fatigue with Self-Care

We as healthcare professionals engage in meaningful and extraordinary work, which at times can be difficult. Taking care of others and witnessing their suffering can take its toll, impacting us in our professional lives and in our personal lives. This class is designed to illustrate the consequences of compassion fatigue and burn-out and the ways in which self-care can help alleviate our secondary trauma. Participants will learn how to create a personalized self-care plan for sustainable renewal.

Mindfulness 101: Practicing Presence with Patients

Have you ever struggled staying present when you’re working with patients? Have you noticed yourself checking out at work? Come join us to learn how mindfulness can help you regain focus, increase patience, and develop a calming presence. Research suggests that mindfulness can increase job satisfaction and create positive outcomes at work and at home. This class will teach the benefits of mindfulness practices and help you develop concrete strategies to enhance your relationships with your patients, your loved ones and yourself.

Calming the Anxious Mind

Are you worrying more? Finding yourself uncomfortable in social situations? Hard time feeling confident? Trouble sleeping? Stress and anxiety can present differently to each of us. Come join us in a two part series to learn more about the signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety and the skills that have been highly effective in calming our anxious mind.

Understanding Anger: Its Impact on Self and Others

Anger is a powerful and useful emotion. When used skillfully, it can strengthen relationships and clarify what is important to us. When used unskillfully, it can create discord in relationships and create a workplace culture that lacks a sense of safety. Part One of the program entails meeting with one of the group leaders to identify individual anger triggers, beliefs, and lifestyle practices. Part Two and Three focus on education, roleplaying, and the development of a detailed anger plan that will increase your skills in managing anger.

Losses in Our Lives

Loss comes in many forms and in response to many kinds of life experiences. This monthly educational series will focus on different aspects of loss and grief throughout our lifespan. Join us for one or all classes in this series.

Grief Support Group

Following our educational series on Losses in Our Lives, we are offering a Grief Support Group. This is an open, ongoing group that meets on a monthly -basis starting in August and going through November. If you are interested in joining this group, call 734.763.5409 or email

Dealing with Divorce and Break-Up Support Group

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP) will conduct a five week support group for adults experiencing divorce or other romantic break-ups. The group will address various social and emotional aspects of these losses, such as coping skills, stress management strategies, and the stages/process of divorce and break-up. The offering will emphasize group discussion of participants’ experiences, and educational components will also be included within these discussions. There is no charge for staff or faculty to attend.

Drop In Caregivers Support Group

Who is Caring for the Caregivers? Are you a caregiver for an aging parent, disabled partner, or special needs family member? If so, you may be at risk for increased stress, lost work time, health concerns and/or time away from friends and other family. You may have conflicted feelings about the family member whom you assist and find it difficult to discuss the challenges of your situation or get personal support. Join us for group discussions that will afford participants the opportunity to share experiences and resources, increase coping and gain support. There is no charge for staff or faculty to attend.

Managing Anger

This four-part series is designed for people who would like to learn how to better understand and more effectively manage their anger. The class will focus on understanding the anger response, recognizing anger triggers, steps and skills for cool downs and other ways to manage anger effectively, problem-solving skills, and brainstorming appropriate responses to stressful situations. There is no charge for staff or faculty to attend.

"Parenting the Next Generation"

Find out how to be a "cool" parent without losing the parental role in this 5-week Workshop Series. Parenting teenagers is challenging and sometimes daunting; for this reason the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program would like to invite all staff and faculty to attend a 5 session parenting workshop. This workshop is designed to provide education, relationship development and behavior management skills to parents with children between 12-18 years of age.

Course will cover: Adolescent Development – Parenting Style – Communication Techniques –Active Listening –Discipline and Consequence

Relaxing Under the Stars

We invite you to step out of your hectic daily life, shift your perspective, and lift your spirits with this visual journey through the natural wonders of our universe, including bright stars, constellations, planets, and more. Simply sit and relax a while in the dark cozy comfort of the Planetarium at our own U-M Natural History Museum, as we treat you to beautiful music, a bit of fascinating science, and breathtaking views. You'll return to your world renewed and refreshed.

Grief Support Group

Any significant life loss through the death of a loved one, divorce, separation, loss of your health, a job, or a pet causes grief for the person who experienced the loss. Each person’s loss is different and each person’s grief journey is unique, yet the process of grieving is similar regardless of what you have lost. The Grief Support Group provides a compassionate space where individuals can share their experiences and know they are understood.

Stress Less, Live More! (Department Level Program)

The Stress Less, Live More! program, by MHealthy Thrive!, will guide you through a variety of strategies that can help you manage your response to daily stressors, and allow you feel more energized, connected, and resilient. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for stress management. As you try our suggested activities each week, you will learn what works for you, what doesn’t, and you will experience how simple shifts can lead to big changes for you and those around you. You will use a printed Stress Less, Live More! Personal Journal each week to record and reflect on your journey. Try this program to start finding YOUR best way to stress less, and live more! Learn more about Stress Less, Live More!

Customized Educational Trainings

The University of Michigan Health System’s EAP is often asked to develop trainings for units and groups on a variety of topics ranging from Substance Use Disorders in Our Lives, the Benefits of Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude, to the Seven Habits of Happiness. To find out more about our customized trainings call the University of Michigan Health System’s EAP at 734.763.5409 or email

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