Move, Lose & Maintain

Stay on track into the New Year by signing up for Move, Lose & Maintain, an eight-week healthy lifestyle program designed to help you get moving and eat healthier.

It's simple to do:

  • Choose a weekly exercise goal of 90 minutes or more
  • In order to reach your goal minutes, your exercise should include being active at least 30 minutes, three or more days a week
  • Track your activity in your Move, Lose & Maintain booklet
  • Make a commitment to yourself: During registration, pledge $20 through payroll deduction. To keep your $20, maintain (or lose) weight and exercise at least 3 days a week for at least 30 minutes total a day throughout the program. If not, your $20 will be deducted and donated to the UM Hardship Fund. It’s a win-win!

It's easy to start:

  • Register at one of the weigh-in sessions Oct. 24 - Nov. 14. It takes less than 10 minutes! MHealthy staff will confidentially weigh you.
  • Or, contact your department’s MHealthy Champion and request a weigh-in session at your worksite (10 or more people required and there cannot be a weigh-in location within 10 minutes of your worksite). Not sure who is your department's MHealthy Champion? Please email for more information.

It can work for you!

  • Get healthy eating tips & recipes
  • Learn how to add activity into your life
  • Receive weekly emails full of advice & encouragement


Program runs:

November 17 - January 11


Weigh-ins are October 24 – November 14


January 12 – 31

Weigh-Out Dates and Locations

Ann Arbor

  • 12-Jan 10:30 am—1pm 2G 209 UH
  • 13-Jan 8—9:30am Conf Rm 7 KMS
  • 14-Jan 8—11am 6th floor Boardroom 3
  • 15-Jan 7—8:30am CSSB (room 2012)
  • 15-Jan 8—10am KMS Conf Rm 3
  • 15-Jan 1—3pm Wolverine Tower Room G-228
  • 16-Jan 6—11:30am 2G 209 UH
  • 19-Jan 7:30—11am B004E NCRC Bldg. 16
  • 21-Jan 2—4pm 2C 224 UH
  • 22-Jan 7—8:30am AB Conf Room (326 E. Hoover)
  • 22-Jan 12:30—3:00pm Pierpont Commons, Executive Suite
  • 23-Jan 7:30—11am Pond Room, Michigan Union
  • 27-Jan 1:30—4pm B003E NCRC Bldg. 16
  • 28-Jan 7:30—11am Room 4, Michigan League
  • 29-Jan 7—8:30am "The Cage" 2550 Draper at the Grounds and Waste Management Services building
  • 30-Jan 7—10am Wolverine Tower Room G-228


  • 14-Jan 11am—12:30pm 407 Northbank Center
  • 22-Jan 11am—12:30pm 407 Northbank Center


  • 12-Jan 11am—1pm HR Con Rm 1050
  • 26-Jan 11am—1pm HR Con Rm 1050
  • 26-Jan 11am—1pm Detroit Center

Questions? Please contact us at

Directions to Locations

  • Great Lakes North Hall - take the elevator or stairs to the fourth floor of Palmer Commons and Great Lakes North is on the left side of the hallway
  • 2G207 UH - just across the hall and to the left from the West Elevators
  • B001E NCRC and B004E NCRC - enter Building 16 of the NCRC complex and go downstairs. The rooms are near one another on the east side of the basement.
  • B1 H102 - go to the B1 level of UH and the room is just west of the west elevators.
  • 2C 224 UH - go into the left (east) side cafeteria entrance and walk as if you were going directly to the tables. On the right you will see a short hallway. The room is almost immediately on your right.
  • AEC Model Conference Room - take the short driveway just east of Greene Street on the south side of Hoover and the room is directly ahead
  • KMS Conf Room 1 - just behind the front desk in the KMS Building
  • Sophia B. Jones Room - go to the main floor of the Michigan Union. Walk past the information desk as if you were going to the cafeteria (which is currently closed). The room is on the left near the middle of the hall.
  • CSSB - go into the Campus Safety and Security Building on Kipke, go up one flight and the room is to your left
  • Grounds and Waster Building - take Draper around until it ends in a large parking lot. Go in and ask for directions to the “cage”
  • 2024 CSSB - walk into the Campus Safety and security Building (CSSB) . Take the stairs up one flight, turn left at the first hallway, and the room is on the right at the end of the hall.
  • Pierpont Executive Suite, Pierpont Commons - pass the main information desk at Pierpont Commons and turn left up the stairs.
  • Kalamazoo Room, Michigan League - go to the second floor of the Michigan League and the room is just south of the stairs
  • G-228 Wolverine Tower - Enter the main floor of Wolverine Tower from the east parking lot. Follow the main hallway until you see G-228 on the right.
  • Flint - Located on the 4th floor in NBC (Northbank Center) right in front of the elevators.