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Produce Series

Farm fresh produce now available on campus

Our university community now has convenient options around campus to buy fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables. Courtesy of MHealthy’s Eat Smarter Fresh Produce Series, affordable, farm fresh produce will be available on select dates at three university locations: University Hospital's Towsley Triangle, Wolverine Tower, and the North Campus Research Complex (NCRC).

Eat smarter by adding more fruits and vegetables to your life and support our campus commitment to offering sustainable, locally sourced foods. Shoppers are encouraged to bring a reusable bag for purchases. Cash payment accepted at all locations; some will also accept credit/debit cards.

The Fresh Produce Series continues at the University Hospital and Wolverine Tower through late October and at NCRC through late November. Get all dates, times and information.

Did You Know?
Summer Tracker

Though Active U has ended, it doesn’t mean you have to stop tracking your activity minutes. If tracking helps you stay motivated, the Summer Activity Tracker is now available. This tracker will remain open until late summer when we begin preparing for the launch of Active U Autumn, set to begin in September. Access the summer tracker.

Creating a Healthier U  

There’s no denying that email has changed the way we communicate. Instead of mailing or faxing, we email documents and letters. When we need a question answered or want to set up a meeting, we’re more likely to email instead of picking up the phone or having a face-to-face conversation. But is this useful tool overused and stressing us out?

Yes, according to a pilot study by U-M’s Business & Finance Leadership Academy that showed many of us consider email stressful. In fact, 75 percent of survey respondents reported moderate to high levels of stress related to their e-mail, specifically email volume and response expectations.

To combat email stress and foster better communication and relationships, MHealthy Mental and Emotional Health offers the following help:

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Grief Support Group – Free and confidential grief support group for UMHS faculty and staff who have experienced a personal or work-related loss. June 13 and 27; July 11 and 25.

Quit tobacco support group for older adults – Free, informal support group for anyone over 50 who has quit or is thinking about quitting tobacco. June 11 and 25.

Email Stress Management Webinars – Learn how to manage email stress and ask questions. Two dates available: Tuesday, June 18, 12 – 12:30 p.m. or Friday, June 28, 12 – 12:30 p.m.

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