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Rewards & Active U 2013


Thousands of benefits-eligible faculty and staff have already completed their 2013 confidential health questionnaire. They’ve learned about their health and potential health risks. They’ve also earned a $50 before-tax reward and now have a chance to win one of several $500 gift cards. Take 20 minutes to complete your health questionnaire by March 15.

Once your health questionnaire is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to earn another $50 by completing a healthy activity. All eligible activities are listed on the Rewards website, but we’ve highlighted a few that are currently registering (employees who are not benefits-eligible can also participate in many of these activities, without earning an incentive):

  • Active U 2013 – Based on your feedback, the deadline to sign up for Active U has been extended to Feb. 18.
  • Stress Less – Free programs that include stress management, anger management and more.
  • Personalized Exercise Sessions – Free 45 minute, one-on-one appointment with a personal trainer.
  • Nutrition Consultations – Free 30 minute consultation with an MHealthy dietitian; get support and improve your eating habits.
  • Alcohol Management – Free one-on-one confidential sessions help you reduce or stop your alcohol consumption.
  • Tobacco Independence Program – Free programs to help you become tobacco-free; opportunity to earn an additional incentive.
  • Weight Management – Join a Weight Watchers or MHealthy Weight Management program for as little as $66.

Not sure what activity to join? Use your health questionnaire results and this goal and action plan sheet to help you create your personal health goals. Setting goals helps us focus on what we'd like to change and what needs to be done to achieve a lasting change. Also, research suggests that we will be more successful in changing health behaviors in the long term if we set specific health-related goals.

Culture of Health Survey

A recent Culture of Health survey of U-M faculty and staff was conducted by the U-M School of Kinesiolgy's Health Management Research Center. By measuring both "perception of environmental support" and "perception of cultural support," the survey's key findings include:


  • Environment: When asked if their work environment enabled them to maintain good health, 45.6% of faculty strongly agreed/agreed and 50.5% of staff strongly agreed/agreed, but managing burnout and stress was identified as an important issue to be addressed.
  • Programs: A majority of staff were aware that U-M offers employee health assessments, health coaching and health management services.
  • Incentives: The majority of faculty and staff surveyed agree that the university provides incentives for participating in health and wellness programs. However, fewer agree that the university recognizes faculty and staff for practicing healthy behaviors.
  • Leadership: 81% of staff and 74% of faculty strongly agree/agree that the university has a vision for supporting faculty and staff health. However, just 48% of staff and 38% of faculty agree that "senior leaders put resources into supporting health."


Rec Sports facilities are open to all university faculty and staff, not just students. In fact, to celebrate its 100 years, Rec Sports is offering benefits-eligible faculty and staff a 100-day membership for just $100. Join by April 11, 2013. Learn more about $100 for 100 Days ...

Recreation centers are also available at U-M Dearborn and U-M Flint campuses. In Ann Arbor, the MFit Fitness Center at the Ann Arbor Ice Cube is also open to faculty, staff, patients and the general community.

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