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On Dec. 10, MHealthy will launch its two biggest programs, MHealthy Rewards and Active U. Join the movement and be a part of something big – creating a culture of health at Michigan!

Rewards & Active U


Qualifying benefits-eligible university faculty and staff will have the opportunity to complete a confidential wellness screening and the 2014 StayWell health questionnaire. Once completed, you will earn a $100 (before-tax) reward, plus have a chance to win one of several $500 gift cards.

  1. Wellness Screening - Begin registering Dec. 10 for on-site screenings that begin on January 7. At this 30-minute appointment, you will know your numbers for cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose, and then talk with a health professional about your goals. Already have these values from your health care provider? Print off a health care provider form and have your doctor submit your numbers to StayWell.
  2. Health Questionnaire - Starting Jan. 3, complete your confidential health questionnaire to learn more about your health and get a personalized health report.

And remember, your privacy is important to us. StayWell Health Management, a national provider of health improvement services, administers the wellness screening and health questionnaire. It is legally bound to protect your privacy and will not share your personally identifiable health information with the university. Beginning Dec. 10, go to the Rewards portal to learn more.

"I participate in MHealthy Rewards every year to keep a good idea of where my health is. I like the fact that it doesn't take long and that all of my information is kept confidential. Being able to compare with my previous years also gives me the motivation to improve my health just a little more every year." Nikki Benschoter, UMHS Environmental Services


All university faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students, retirees and spouses/OQAs of employees are encouraged to sign up for Active U, MHealthy’s 12-week physical activity challenge. Last year, more than 16,000 participants logged over 30 million activity minutes. Our 2014 goal – logging more than 35 million minutes!

  • Participate on a team or as an individual
  • NEW FOR BEGINNERS – Join the "Blue Track" and gradually increase your activity minutes over the program's 12-weeks
  • Track physical activity minutes online or using a mobile device (NEW – iOS mobile app coming soon!)
  • Successfully complete Active U to earn a coveted 2014 T-shirt (free to employees; small fee for spouses/OQAs, undergraduate students and retirees)

Sign up Dec. 10 – Jan. 14. Track your activity Jan. 14 – Apr. 7. Learn more ...

"I've participated in Active U every year since 2007. I love the camaraderie of working toward a goal of minutes with co-workers as well as a little friendly competition. The tracker also keeps me honest and motivates me to find ways to fit activity into my daily routine." Ginny Zarras, HR Director, U-M Dearborn.

Creating a Healthier U
MHealthy Thrive!


To help university faculty and staff better manage their stress, MHealthy has launched MHealthy Thrive!, an inclusive stress prevention and management program designed to impact health and well-being, and foster a psychologically healthy workplace.

The mission of MHealthy Thrive! is to foster individual and community well-being by energizing work climates, enhancing relationships, and maximizing personal strengths. Visitors to the MHealthy Thrive! website can:

  • Register for free stress management classes and webinars
  • Watch videos on relaxation techniques and other stress management strategies
  • Learn how to manage email stress
  • Read the Thrive! blog
  • Learn more about the U-M Statement on Civility

"We want to help employees feel more energized, connected, and resilient," says John Sonnega, MHealthy Thrive! Program Manager. “We also offer support to help foster a positive workplace culture so our faculty and staff can reduce stress and thrive."

Sonnega and other MHealthy staff will lead free, onsite seminars within work units to share useful guidelines and facilitate dialogue on topics such as stress and energy management, civility in the workplace, and managing email stress. Anyone interested in adding a 15-30 minute discussion to their upcoming department or unit meeting can contact MHealthy at 734-764-0343.

Learn more about MHealthy Thrive! ...

Did you know?  
Serving Size Challenge The average holiday cocktail can have up to two shots of alcohol in it, making it really two drinks. With holiday celebrations come more alcohol and, if you choose to drink, it's not always easy to know exactly how much you're consuming. To help you be more aware of how many “servings” are really in that favorite cocktail, MHealthy has created the Alcohol Serving Size Challenge. This quick challenge is a fun, anonymous way for you to raise your awareness about the amount of alcohol in various types of drinks. Take the Alcohol Serving Size Challenge.

MHealthy offers a free, confidential alcohol management program for U-M faculty and staff with mild to moderate alcohol problems. The program assists you in either cutting back or quitting alcohol altogether. For more information, call 734-998-2017 or visit our website.

Sign Up Today!
Where Do You Active U? – This holiday season, put on an Active U T-shirt, find a cool landmark and share your photo with MHealthy. Six employees will win a $50 Amazon gift card.

Exercise & Relaxation Classes – Choose from more than 150 classes offered by MHealthy and U-Move Fitness, including yoga, strength training, body sculpting, and more. Classes begin in January. Sign up for MHealthy classes or U-Move Fitness classes.

Relaxing Under the Stars – Sit and relax a while in the dark cozy comfort of U-M's Natural History Museum Planetarium, while being treated to beautiful music, a bit of science, and breathtaking views of stars, constellations, planets, and more. Dec. 18, 3:30 - 4 p.m.

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