Frequently Asked Questions: HRTT (Transaction Team)

Q. Where do I get a moving expense advance?
A. Moving expense advances can be obtained from the People Pay site in Wolverine Access.

Q. Where do I get classification descriptions?
A. Classification descriptions can be obtained from Compensation and Classification.

Q. Where do I fill out an application, bid on jobs, or look at open positions?
A. All new employment related issues handled through the on-line jobs website:

Q. Where do I change my benefits?
A. You must change personal benefits through the Benefits Office.

Q. How do I view or get a copy of my personnel file?
A. To view or obtain a copy of your personnel file, contact Staff HR Services.

Q. How do I find current, former, or temporary employees?
A. For current and former employees, hrtt maintains addresses.  However, hrtt does not maintain any records for temporary employees prior to 2001, so they would have to be located by contacting the Payroll Office.

Q. How do I get employment verification?
A. University Payroll Office completes written and verbal verifications of employment.  If a form for verification requires previous or current year-to-date pay, the form must be submitted to the Payroll Office for completion.

Q. How can I get a copy of the Salary Disclosure report?
A. A copy of the salary disclosure report is stored at many libraries on campus, including the Ann Arbor public library. There are also copies at the Dearborn and Flint libraries. If you wish to order your own copy (for a small fee) you can contact the Human Resource Records office at 734-764-9250.

Q. How does someone get on/off the 3D (Deans, Directors, and Department heads) list?
3D code is connected to a person’s jobclass code. If a person has an appointment in a position with a jobclass code which has a 3D code associated with it, then they will get mailings that are sent to the 3D List. If you feel that a jobclass needs to be reviewed for inclusion/exclusion on the 3D List, please contact Staff HR Services at 734-763-2387.

Q: How do I change my online directory address?
A. The MCommunity address is updated daily from the information stored in the HR address database.  If your address needs to be updated, you can complete the Address/Personal Data Form (30005).  Complete this form, return it to the Human Resource Records Office, and they will update the address in the HR address database.  You can also update your current home address on the Wolverine Access/Employee Self-Service page.  Once the Human Resource Records Office updates the address database, this information will be copied to the online directory address file. Changing your address yourself in the online directory will not change your address in Human Resource Records.

Q. How do I get access to Human Resource Data?
A. Click here for instructions: Human Resource Data Administration

Q. How do I sign up for a HR Data Access class?
A. Please contact the HRRIS office at 734-764-9250 to register for the class.