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September 8, 2000


Academic Human Resources, (734) 763-8938
Benefits Office, (734) 763-1214
Consultation and Conciliation, (734) 936-4214
Consulting Services, (734) 764-9291
Dearborn Human Resources, (313) 593-5190
Employee Relations and Compensation, (734) 763-2387
Employment and Executive Services, (734) 764-6580
Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, (734) 936-8660
Family Care Resources Program, (734) 936-8677
Flint Human Resources, (810) 762-3150
Health Systems Human Resources, (734) 647-2385
HRAA Administration, (734) 763-1284
HR Communications, (734) 615-5399
Human Resource Records and Information Services, (734) 764-9250
Human Resource Development
, (734) 764-7410
Kids Kare at Home, (734) 936-8677
Office of Equity and Diversity Services, (734) 763-0235
Sexual Harassment Policy Office, (734) 763-1284
Temporary Staffing Services, (734) 763-5740
UM ID Office, (734) 763-7725


  1. HRMS Unit Liaisons Program
  2. Prescription Drug Information Series
  3. Open Enrollment Presentations Offered for 2000
  4. HRD Offers Organizational Consulting Services
  5. Benefits AnswerLine Directory Now Available
  6. HRD Courses for You to Choose From
  7. HRAA Service Areas
  8. How to Subscribe to the HRAA News


1. HRMS Unit Liaisons Program
The Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is the human resources, benefits, payroll and timekeeping module of M-Pathways. HRMS implementation is expected in Spring, 2001. In addition to M-Pathways, HRAA and Payroll involvement, Unit Liaisons from across the University have been appointed by their deans or directors to represent schools and colleges, major administrative units, and the University Hospitals and Health Centers (UHHC). Unit Liaisons will attend twice-monthly meetings to gain information to help prepare their units and staff for the transition to the new HRMS system, as well as provide feedback to the M-Pathways HRMS team. This two-way communication will help make the transition a smooth and successful process. For more information about HRMS, visit the M-Pathways web site at:

2. Prescription Drug Information Series
In response to increasing prescription drug costs, the University is raising the copays for prescription drug benefits to $7 for generic drugs and $14 for brand name drugs in most health plans, effective January 1, 2001.

The Benefits Office offers a series of five articles to provide background on the reasons behind the co-pay increases and information to help faculty and staff make the most of their prescription drug benefits. The first article of the five-part series appeared in The University Record on Monday, September 11, 2000. You can review the article and the Prescription Drug History chart that accompanied it at:

3. Open Enrollment Presentations Offered for 2000
Mark your calendars now and plan to attend one of the Open Enrollment presentations the Benefits Office will offer during the week of October 2-6, the week immediately prior to Open Enrollment (October 9-27). The presentations are scheduled as follows:

(1) Monday, October 2, 4pm to 5pm, Medical Campus, Ford Auditorium
(2) Tuesday, October 3, 9am to 10am, Dearborn Campus, CCPD
(3) Tuesday, October 3, 4pm to 5pm, Central Campus, Michigan League, Kalamazoo Room
(4) Wednesday, October 4, 9:30am to 10:30am, South Campus, Public Safety Building, 1239 Kipke, Room 2029
(5) Thursday, October 5, 9am to 10am, North Campus, Johnson Rooms B & C, Lurie Building
(6) Thursday, October 5, 9:30am to 10:30am, Flint Campus, Michigan Room A, University Center Building
(7) Thursday, October 5, 1pm to 2pm, Flint Campus, Michigan Room A, University Center Building
(8) Friday, October 6, 8:30am to 9:30am, Central Campus, Michigan Union, Pond Room

4. HRD Offers Organizational Consulting Services
The organizational development consulting offered by Human Resource Development (HRD) is intended to improve the organizational health and effectiveness of all University departments. Management theorists note that a healthy organization is one in which both the organization and its people develop, adapt to changing conditions, and continually improve. With this in mind, HRD offers an array of services to help departments plan and implement change; improve leadership methods, management techniques, and problem-solving skills; and promote understanding of the processes and systems in which people work. HRD seeks to improve individual, group and departmental effectiveness so that all accomplish their goals. Any department that is looking for ways to develop and accomplish its mission, strengthen its unit's capabilities to change and improve, and foster productive relationships within and between units should consider HRD's organizational development services. For more information, visit the HRD web site at:

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5. Benefits AnswerLine Directory Now Available
The Benefits Office has published a directory of the information now available on the Benefits AnswerLine. The Benefits AnswerLine offers forms by fax and recorded information about benefits plans. To access the Benefits AnswerLine, call 734-647-2375. To obtain a copy of the directory, address your request by email to Include in your message your name, the address you would like the directory mailed to, and a daytime phone number.

6. HRD Courses for You to Choose From
(1) Planning and Conducting a Successful Hiring Process. In this course, participants will learn how to conduct a hiring process geared toward hiring the best possible candidate.

(2) Practical Problem Solving. Do you view issues faced by your unit as problems to be solved or complex decisions to be faced? This course teaches you the difference, along with the processes needed to solve challenging problems and make sound, logical decisions.

(3) Leading Through Change and Transition. Managing organizational change has been likened to "riding the white waters;" it is challenging and unpredictable. This course helps you diagnose where and how your organization is changing and helps you create a plan that addresses your organization's needs.

To register for one or all of these HRD courses online, visit:

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7. HRAA Service Areas
Human Resources and Affirmative Action (HRAA) includes a wide range of services for University of Michigan faculty and staff. For a list of service areas and ways they can assist you, visit the HRAA web site at:

8. How to Subscribe to the HRAA News
Please feel free to forward this newsletter to your colleagues at any University of Michigan location and encourage them to subscribe. To subscribe, send an email message to and type subscribe on the subject line. You will receive confirmation of your subscription.

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