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August 25, 2000


Academic Human Resources, (734) 763-8938
Benefits Office, (734) 763-1214
Consultation and Conciliation, (734) 936-4214
Consulting Services, (734) 764-9291
Dearborn Human Resources, (313) 593-5190
Employee Relations and Compensation, (734) 763-2387
Employment and Executive Services, (734) 764-6580
Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, (734) 936-8660
Family Care Resources Program, (734) 936-8677
Flint Human Resources, (810) 762-3150
Health Systems Human Resources, (734) 647-2385
HRAA Administration, (734) 763-1284
HR Communications, (734) 615-5399
Human Resource Records and Information Services, (734) 764-9250
Human Resource Development
, (734) 764-7410
Kids Kare at Home, (734) 936-8677
Office of Equity and Diversity Services, (734) 763-0235
Sexual Harassment Policy Office, (734) 763-1284
Temporary Staffing Services, (734) 763-5740
UM ID Office, (734) 763-7725


  1. "Thank You" to Our Subscribers
  2. AIG Customer Service Phone Numbers Available
  3. Benefits Orientation for New Faculty and Staff Members
  4. HRD Offers Customized Training at Your Location
  5. HRMS CO Interchanges Keep Staff Informed
  6. FASAP Offers Brown Bag Presentations


1. "Thank You" to Our Subscribers
We would like to thank all of you who are forwarding this newsletter on to your friends and colleagues at the University. We are pleased to report that they are responding to your encouragement that they subscribe and the listserv is growing because of you. As of today, the HRAA News has 7,527 subscribers. We very much appreciate your assistance. We would not have reached this milestone without your support.

2. AIG Customer Service Phone Numbers Available
The University has selected American International Group, Inc. (AIG) as its new carrier for group auto, homeowners and personal liability insurance, effective September 1, 2000. AIG will replace METPAY whose contract will terminate as of August 31, 2000.

AIG can provide quotes now for coverage beginning September 1, 2000 or later to current participants in the METPAY plan and any eligible faculty and staff who want to shop comparatively. To request a quote from AIG, call an AIG Worksite Benefits representative at 1-800-256-7385. Options for current METPAY participants are available in the "What's New" section on the Benefits Web site at:

3. Benefits Orientation for New Faculty and Staff Members
The Benefits Office offers an online tutorial for new faculty and staff members who are unable to attend a benefits orientation session. The tutorial can answer many questions and help you choose the benefits most appropriate for your household. In addition, it provides enrollment and deadline information. After you review the tutorial, you can download the forms necessary to enroll. The "Benefits Orientation for New Faculty and Staff" is available at: Forms are available at:

4. HRD Offers Customized Training at Your Location
While Human Resource Development (HRD) offers a wide range of professional development courses, the courses can be even further customized to meet your department's unique training needs. Customized training allows your department to make connections between employee development and organizational goals. These training sessions provide forums for departmental problem-solving as well as opportunities for staff members to discuss departmental goals and objectives. Customized training can result in cost savings for your department. For more information, visit the HRD web site at:

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5. HRMS CO Interchanges Keep Staff Informed
The Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is the human resources, benefits, payroll and timekeeping module of M-Pathways. HRMS is expected to roll out in 2001. The HRMS implementation team is presenting a series of Central Office (CO) Interchanges designed to keep staff in HRAA and Payroll informed of changes they can expect when HRMS goes live. Four interchanges are scheduled for the period August 23 to September 8. For more information about HRMS, visit the M-Pathways web site at:

6. FASAP Offers Brown Bag Presentations
The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP) is offering nine Brown Bag educational presentations for the 2000 - 2001 academic year. The one-hour presentations are available to any faculty and/or staff group or organization upon request and are provided at the requestors site. There is no charge for the presentations, which are ideal for a lunch hour or during a staff development session. If you are interested in scheduling a Brown Bag or have any questions, call FASAP at 734-936-8660.

Following is a list of the "Brown Bag" sessions that are being offered this year:

Communicating With Your Family
S.O.S.: Stop On-Going Stress
Humor For the Health of It
Chill Out: Managing Anger
Emotional Intelligence: What Is It?
Managing Transitions and Change
Lifestyle Changes to Increase Energy and Health
Creative Thinking Midlife: Impact on Self and Work

Visit the FASAP web site at for additional information on FASAP counseling services and brief descriptions of the Brown Bag topics.

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