U-M Career Services for Staff

Job Search Preparation

Now it's time to pursue that change in career. You know what you want, but how do you get it?

Things to do Resources to help you

Search for open positions

The U of M Career Path Navigator provides quick access to detailed information about all career paths within the University of Michigan

Search for jobs at the University of Michigan Careers website

Prepare your resume

Here are some great tips for preparing your resume

Write a great cover letter

Check out these Do's and Don'ts, and this template you can use to create your cover letter.

Brush up on your interviewing skills

This is some really good interviewing advice.

Michigan State also has some good information to help you build those interviewing skills.

Start networking with others

Social networking sites like Linked In and Biznik are great places to connect with other working professionals.

If you are a University of Michigan alum, there is the inCircle network, where you can connect with other alumni.