U-M Career Resources for Staff

About Career Development Resources

Career development is the path taken by the employee, with support and encouragement from management, using tools and resources provided by the organization, to build life-long careers and achieve long-term work/life satisfaction.

Assisting individuals with developing their career potential is an aspect of talent management that positions the University of Michigan to recruit and retain the talent necessary to be the greatest public university of the world.

Career development has three facets, It must be a shared responsibility between the employee, management, and the organization in order to be meaningful.


As a staff member, you help to make the University of Michigan and University of Michigan Health System world-class academic and healthcare institutions, respectively. By excelling in your position, you provide support to the university's mission and are a partner in our success. In all good partnerships, support must be a two-way street. The university displays this support in its long-standing staff development philosophy, which emphasizes the partnership between university and you. 

We know that today's workforce is not satisfied simply with finding a job, but is intent on establishing a career. Career pathing and development is an invaluable tool for employees who are aware of and seeking long-term growth and advancement from day one within our organization. Recognizing that it's the employee's responsibility for creating and achieving career development goals, the university provides helpful tools and information, including the Career Path Navigator, a web-accessible database of U-M market job titles, and market job descriptions.

What This Site Provides

If you are planning your career or helping others plan their careers, the University of Michigan Career Development Resources for Staff web site will direct you to a wealth of information including career self-assessment, career planning information and resources, university resources, and job search tools.