U-M Career Services for Staff

Self-Assessment & Readiness


Some people find themselves in the career of their dreams when they take their very first full-time job. Many others, however, find themselves moving around throughout their careers. As we move through our lives, our interests and priorities change. What drives us when we are 23 years old may not be the same thing that motivates us at 40 or even 55.

The Assessment Page provides you with a variety of resources that will facilitate your self-discovery journey.

As you go through your self-assessment, keep in mind that processing the information, reflecting on it, and relying on your "inner voice" to tell you what feels right, will be the key in determining how much you get out of this process. Trust yourself. You know what's right for you.



You have decided that you are ready to make a change, but what does that mean? There is a big difference between just wanting to make a career change and actually being ready to do so. You should consider some items before you try for that job. Be certain that you have dotted all of your "I"s and crossed all of your "T"s.

The Readiness Page will provide you with a quick checklist and some tips to make sure you are ready to take the plunge.