U-M Career Services for Staff

Laurita Thomas' Message About Career Development

Fostering excellence at all levels is what makes the University of Michigan the Leaders and Best in creating and disseminating knowledge, in delivering patient care, in research, and in the day-to-day practice of the many professions that sustain our great and varied organization.

Investment in the career development of our staff community is a key ingredient in maintaining and strengthening our extraordinary position. It’s one important way that we can continue to attract, retain and grow the many talents needed to achieve our strategic vision as a great teaching, research and service institution. And to remain contemporary and vital in a world of exciting and evolving challenges.

Use this website to explore the possibilities of your own development and to challenge yourself to acquire and master new talents. No matter what your career or stage of professional development, by broadening your knowledge and talents, you can enhance your leadership, your contributions and your impact on the world around you. That’s the Michigan Difference!