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Location: Room 0205 LSA Building.
Time: First Wednesday of Month, 12:00–1:00 p.m.
Contact us at to verify the location of the meeting you wish to attend, or to be reminded of future meetings and receive agendas. All meetings are open to members of the U of M and surrounding community.

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CfDC Minutes — January 7, 2015

Present: Jack Bernard(Chair), Debra Hine, Jim Eng, Jane Vincent, Els Nieuwenhuijsen, Erin Elly, Bonnie Dede, Sally Hart Petersen, Janet Keller, Sharon Pedersen, Phil Larson, Paul Guttman, Jill Rice, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes)

After introductions were made, there were the following announcements:

  • Erin’s departure and Jane saying she is posting job description for vacant position.
  • Sharon reporting the Speaker Series of her organization (e-version to follow).
  • Sally reporting on AA Commission for Disability Issues having a retreat to discuss policies.

And then there was an open discussion of the following topics:

  • Air Ride (Michigan Flyer) and boarding situation at Metro now being both cold and far from central airport action. Letters to Metro Airport Board are encouraged.
  • Mental health resources and whether stigma pertains (“counseling is cool these days”); CAPS, Dean of Student’s Office, FASAP (Paul is on the Board); informal “pockets” such as yoga and meditation; SSD. Referral to community resources.
  • Els mentioned existence of YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID CLASSES with a 5-point action plan (assess/listen/reassure/encourage professional help/encourage self-help and other support).
  • Environmental approaches vs depression and news about mobile devices affecting sleep patterns.
  • Sharon narrated case concerning homelessness, mental distress, Medicaid/financial need.
  • Jack stated that he feels we lost something descriptive when we dropped the phrase “shell-shocked” and now use PTSD instead.
  • Snow season was discussed. Still challenges at UM but snow removal is better. City sometimes piles up snow that U-M has removed. People can call Plant Operations Call Center 24/7 for snow/ice problems. The number is 734 647 2059
  • Para-transit still has problems, insufficient staffing, delays in picking up students. Numerous students registered via SSD.
  • Detailed discussion about pros/cons of a number of AA pedestrian crossing laws, lights, signs, features.

View minutes from past meetings »